Sunday, March 22, 2015

Summer guests (suomeksi kts. Mökkiläisiä)

When our children were little, we moved into a house in the middle of a rural village. Everyone going and coming had to pass by our house. There was not much traffic in the winter, but summertime brought a whole host of summer dwellers from the city. They were not always used to countryside interaction.

One summer day we were all working in the yard when three teenage boys we had never seen before walked past our house. They were carrying fishing gear.

One of our daughters, aged four, hurried to the edge of our lot to talk to them.

"Have you been fishing? Did you catch anything? Where did you fish? On the river? Or are you going fishing on the lake? Where do you live? Do you have a summer house here? Do you have sisters? Where are your mom and dad? Do you have a cat? Or a dog?"

Since the boys did not stop but continued walking, so did our daughter. The boys were clearly embarrassed, and walked on in silence.

When the girl had reached the corner of our lot, she stopped and watched the boys walk on. Then she turned to us and said:

"They were going fishing and they were deaf!"

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