Saturday, January 10, 2015

God will provide (suomeksi ks. Puutetta ja runsautta)

More than a decade ago we had only four children. The oldest of them was five and we were living in Espoo, Finland. May Day was approaching and in Finland it is celebrated with too much drinking for adults and balloons for children.
One of our neighbors was selling balloons that year, he and his wife had huge loads of beautiful shiny balloons with cartoon characters and princesses on them. Our children were thrilled and urged us to buy them. But the balloons were too expensive for us to buy, so we didn't.
That evening, when it was late and the kids were already in bed, the doorbell rang. It was our neighbors who still had a load of unsold balloons. They asked if we wanted to have them. Of course we did!
The balloons filled the ceiling in our living room! We could hardly wait for the morning and the faces of our children when they see the balloons.
In the morning my husband was up early to have the video camera ready. The girls descended the stairs to the living room and saw the balloons! They were overjoyed!
We often focus on what we lack even though we have a loving father who sees our every need - even the need of little girls to have shiny balloons!