Saturday, January 10, 2015

Things you never thought you'd say (suomeksi ks. Jotain suuhun pantavaa)

When our fifth child, a son, was about 18 months old, his older sisters were starting to lose their baby teeth. They would bring the teeth to us elated about the prospect of getting 2 euros from the tooth fairy a.k.a. parents.
One Sunday morning we were still in bed but I heard the little ones already up and playing in the living room. All was quiet, just the blessed sound of children playing.
Suddenly I realized that our son was in the kitchen and it sounded like he was chewing on something really hard. Something that gritted between his little teeth. I quickly inventoried in my mind what this could be, but I knew I had not left any food out and he is not tall enough to reach the food cabinets.
In a flash it came to me! I knew what had been left on the kitchen counter in the evening. I called out:
"Jesaja, spit out your sister's tooth right now!"


  1. When Jesaja was younger, he was always freaking me out with the kind of sand, rocks, or in this case tooth that he put in his mouth to chew on.